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In todays world of hype and social status, it's becoming harder and harder to authenticate luxury watches. That is why every watch we carry is carefully curated by our passionate group of watch nerds. We value provenance and condition above all else. Every watch has a detailed description saying everything that has been done to the timepiece. If something has been replaced, restored, or refinished, you will know about it and will be priced accordingly.


We love watches and we love talking about them. One of our top goals we are set to accomplish with Grego & Co. is introducing the world of watches to as much people as possible and show why the mechanical watch world thrives in the world of modern technology.


Need I say more? Watches are more than an accessory. They're what saved the astronauts of Apollo 13, they're a father after he finally made it in the big city, or they're a mechanical miracle that you just can't stop looking at. No matter what draws you to a watch, we can all agree they're pretty damn cool.

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